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Pronunciation: A~poor~v (Phonetically)

An engineer by choice, Full-Time multitasking ninja by nature.

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Sometime my <CODE> works and I don't know why?

💬 I, currently work as a Software Engineer in Oracle which I have joined recently after graduating from The University of Texas at Arlington. I also tend to do multiple personal projects of my own on technologies like Deep Learning, Web Development, Full Stack Development, IoT, and Data Science to learn all these new technologies which I share right here on this platform. Currently, I am contributing in building a next generation cloud platform for Oracle in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

⚡ In my free time, I like to do gyming, running, play soccer or CSGO, or just wander aimlessly over the world wide web.

My Traits

Solves a problem you didn't know you had, in a way you don't understand

Talented 95%
Hard-Working 85%
Food Lover 100%

Software Development



Develop and


Web Development

Just building a website

which looks visually

appealing at the

same time functions correctly.

Machine Learning

I am not

a nerd,

I am

just curious.

Multitasking Ninja

Miracleous Worker,

Quality chit chatter,

Reliable team player,

Problem Solver

My Experiences

Current & Previous companies and my tasks

Software Engineer 2 2020 Dec - Present

Graduate Teaching Assistant 2020 Jan - 2020 Dec

Software Engineer Intern 2016 Jun - 2016 Aug

My Education

My alma mater

Master of Science in Computer Science 2018 Aug - 2020 May

GPA: 4.0

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering 2013 Aug - 2017 May

GPA: 7.2

Some of my Personal Projects

Remotely Controlling a Power Grid

The objective of the project was to control the power grid remotely using an electronic device such as mobile phone. Raspberry Pi microcomputer is being used as a controller and medium for relaying data in order to turn ON/OFF electric appliances.

Cryptographer for File

Encrypting and Decry pt files in a way to protect them from unwanted access and ,and Keep you data secure .Provide various algorithms like AES ,DES, Ceaser Cipher and so on for better encryption and also providing range of key sizes.


A web-app which allows a user to play and upload movies to the site. Embeds an authentication system for registration of new user (also support for 3rd party social accounts), includes comment and modular search capability for finding movies quickly.

Facial Recognition in E-attendance

An attendance utility application which uses computer vision library OpenCV to implement a facial recognition system in order to mark a student present/absent in the MySQL based database system.

Hadoop Installer

An utility tool for installing Hadoop in a Linux based OS. It gives user ability to install hadoop with a single click using automated configuration on single node cluster or Multi-Node cluster system.

Image Classifier using Deep Neural Network

Using the concepts of Machine Learning's branch, Deep Learning. Build an accurate classifier which uses the convolutional neural network to classifying an image input into different categories with an accuracy of over 90%.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks Using Swarm Intelligence

Published a research paper on "Intelligent Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks Using Swarm Intelligence", in International Journal, where a software architecture is modeled and implemented by combining two different heuristic approaches. The Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) in order to classify a computer network behavior as a sequence of system calls.

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RealTime Facial Emotion Recognition System

The goal of the project is to identify 7 key human emotions: HAPPY, NEUTRAL, SAD, SURPRISE, ANGER, DISGUST and FEAR, the project uses FER2013 dataset to train a classification Convolutional neural networks (CNN) model which takes a grayscale images of faces and predicts the most probable emotion in the output layer. The trained model was then used as the baseline to classify a facial emotion in the real-time application which was implemented using OpenCV, we extract the detected face from image frames in a real-time video then offer it to the model to predict and print the emotion in real-time.

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A parking system web application built with a motive to grasp the profound principles of Automation Testing. Implemented a parking system web application from scratch, built on Java Servlet & JSP with MySQL database connectivity, and achieved a 100% Code coverage on the full application using Selenium and JUnit for the Front End of the Application and also able to secured 100% mutation coverage on the backend with JUnit and PIT mutation testing tool.

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Developed a real-time GUI based chat application using Java where communication takes place over socket connection and data flows bi-directionally between Server and multiple Clients, also configured persistent queue to prevent data loss and provide offline message storage capability.

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